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3 Aug 2021

Shred 30 competitors! Who do you think has the potential for the winners’ podium? And can somebody beat Dominik Simkus’s score of 275 from last year?! Unfortunately, he won’t defend his title as he retired from footbag due to an injury. For all competitors the code is DLO and the deadline is the 20th of August. Shred 30 has only round so give your best! And make sure to read all rules & video requirements!

16 Jul 2021

New Code: DLO
You must use this code for your submissions in:
-Routines, Open qualification round. Intermediate and Women Finals.
-Shred 30. All categories finals.
-Sick 3. Open qualification round. Intermediate and Women Finals.
-Shred-Off. Open and intermediate qualification round. Women Finals.
*You must show the code DLO on a stationary place. Print the official template from!

16 Jul 2021

📢 Players from all around the world! Remember to send your ShredOff submission before August 1st! Code: Clipper. Length: 30 seconds.Check out the web for more info#footbag#freestyle#skills#tricks#highlights#onlinefootbagworlds2021

09 Jun 2021

The official website with all infos for the upcoming Footbag Online World Championships 2021 will be released this Thursday at 9pm CET! 

22 May 2021

Who do you think will be inducted this year?

The Big ADD Posse (BAP) are a group of skilled freestyle footbag players who have contributed to the progression of that sport in a unique way. The group is invite-only, and the only way to get an invitation is to shred hard in front of other members and prove your style. You can find more infos about BAP at their homepage

10 May 2021

We are pleased to announce the IFPA Freestyle Footbag Online World Championships 2021. This will be the second edition of Online World Championships due to the pandemic situation.