Dear players,

We are pleased to invite you to the 2022 ShredOff competition! This online tournament will test your footbag skills through a series of different phases where you will face other competitors.

ShredOff is a free-form technical event where players can demonstrate their best freestyle footbag ability in whatever way they desire. The submission is a fixed-length video comprised of as many individual clips as the competitor wants that should highlight their strengths in the sport.

Rules of ShredOff

Full set of rules can be seen here.

Every submission video must content the official intro, download here.

Disciplines: Intermediate, Women, Open and Doubles.

Registration (closed)

Send your submission round video (30 secs) to the email


Submission round (with registration)

Deadline: 23rd September 2022 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Length of video: 0.30 min


Qualification pools

No player will be disqualified from the previous round. According to the number of players and the ranks from the judges, 6 pools will be created for Open and 2 pools for Intermediate and Female.

Deadline: 30th September 2022 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Length of video: 1.30 min


Top 16

First and second ranked from each pool advance to Top 16. 4 groups of 4 players. Best player of each pool advances to final. For intermediate, There will be Top 6. 2 groups of 3 players. Top2 oF each group advance to final. Also, those players who didn´t advanced to TOP16 or TOP6 have a consolation round with the same limits, codes and deadlines.


Deadline: 14th October at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Length of video: Open 2.00 min | Female 1.30 min | Intermediate 1.30 min | Doubles 1.30 min


Group of 4 players for each category. Judged at the moment by a panel of judges during The Final Show.

Deadline: 28th October 2022 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Length of video: Open 2.30 min | Female 2.00 min | Intermediate 2.00 min | Doubles 2.00 min



Technical Requirements
  • All videos need to be exported in Full HD (1920 x 1080) at high bitrate.
  • All Videos need to be shot in Landscape Orientation.
Visual Requirements
  • The Round’s Code needs to be physically shown in the video. Be sure of using the right code for each event´´s round.
  • The player should be in the center of the shot and entirely visible at all times.
  • No strict footbag size or color requirements, but they must be clearly visible in your videos. Consider clothing and background colors, distance from camera, etc.
  • If possible, film with a static camera. Avoid heavy camera movement.
  • Make sure you have good lighting. Broad daylight or powerful artificial lighting work best.
  • Look and dress professionally.
  • Videos cannot have slow motion, fast motion, or any editing that alters the actual performance.
  • Submissions for Shred-Off
    • can consist of multiple clips edited into one video, but the player must show the round’s code once per recording session.
    • need to have the Official Event Intro Clip at the beginning of the video. Download here
    • need to show the name of the player, city and country during 1-2 seconds after the Intro Clip.
  • Use whatever music you want in your video.
  • IMPORTANT: Check that your routine song will not have any copyright issues on YouTube! Tip: Before planning your routine, upload a video with the song you want to use on YouTube and see if it gets blocked for copyright reasons. If it does, you’ll need to pick a different song
Upload / Transfer
  • Files for Shred-Off need to be uploaded to YouTube as “Public” and click the option “No, it´s not made for kids” in settings of the video.
  • Schedule the release of the video on YouTube for the round’s exact deadline.
  • Name your video in YouTube as follows: SHREDOFF2022 – Shred-Off – ‘Round’ – ‘Your Name’
  • Send us the link to your video via email