Sideline events

Sideline events

This year’s Online Worlds hopes to provide opportunities for all footbag players. There is no entry fee and no barrier to skill level. We have a number of different events to try out. There is no need to register, just post your video to social media using these hashtags:

#WFC2021Sideline and #OnlineFootbagWorlds2021 (Instagram Stories not permitted)

You can post to Instagram (Instagram Stories not permitted), Youtube orTwitter. You can also submit directly to You can start filming from July 1.

You have one minute to do as many kicks as you can. You must start by dropping the bag from your hand. Stalls are counted as a drop. There will be no punishment for a drop. Only one entry per competitor. Open until August 18th.

The five minute kicks will follow the official rules. The bag can not touch your upper body and you must change feet every kick. Each kick counts as one point. Drops and upper body fouls lose 10 points. A foul for not changing feet incurs a three point penalty. Open until August 20. You can upload your video to Youtube or Google Drive or send directly to

There will be 10 combos throughout the competition time. You will have a certain time to submit your combo to stay in the game. The tricks will gradually increase in difficulty. This is intended for beginners, but any players are welcome to play along.

1. inside kick>outside kickKick the back on the inside part of your foot then do your next kick with the outside of the opposite foot.
2. Head stall>Toe KickCatch the bag on your head, then drop it down and kick it with your toe.
3. Mirage>ClipperFrom a toe stall, circle your opposite foot around the bag and return it to catch on the same toe that you started with. With this same foot, catch the bag in a clipper position. The clipper is caught with the inside in a “cross body” position.
4. Around the world>Flying ClipperFrom a toe stall, circle the bag with the same foot. For this event you can go in to out or out to in. You will then jump in the air and perform a clipper with the same foot.
5. Ducking clipper>Far LegoverStarting in the clipper position, throw the bag up about head height, duck under the bag and catch in on the other clipper. You will then use the same leg to circle the bag (from out to in) and catch it with the same foot.
6. Butterfly>OsisThese are two of the most common moves and will help you with more advanced tricks. Starting on the clipper position, move your leg over the bag from out to in and catch it in the opposite clipper position. You will then make a slight turn of your body and catch it with the other clipper to make the “osis” move.

7. Diving Clipper>Spinning ClipperSimilar to the ducking clipper, in the diving clipper you start from a clipper position, have the bag go to the other side of your body before returning to the same foot. You will then complete a full spin before catching it on the clipper position.
8. Legover>Butterflyer (Flying Butterfly)Starting from a toe stall, use your opposite foot to go around and then catch the bag on the toe. Your other leg will go over the bag and you will perform a flying clipper – doing the “butterfly” move in the air.
9. Legover>Pixie Same Side ClipperThis combo may be more challenging for some. Start with the legover, as in the previous combo. Do a pixie set – this move involves doing an in to out dexterity before another move. In this case you will put your foot back on the ground after going around the bag and then catch the footbag in the clipper position with the other foot. This is a building block to much harder tricks.

10. Last drill! Wrap>swirl (youcan also do rev swirl)

Anyone can submit their combinations, but only true beginners will be eligible for any prizes. See how many of the combos you can hit and send your entries to

This is an opportunity to tell us what’s happening in your part of the world. Feel free to give us a snapshot of what your scene looks like. If you play alone, show us some tricks. If you have a group circle kicking, let’s see your moves. This is open to anyone in the world and is a great opportunity to share your footbag story with the world. Video entries must be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Upload your video to Youtube and send a link to Open until August 31.

We would love to see some of the junior members of the footbag scene show some skills. If you have been playing footbag at your school, we would love to see some of your moves. Please make sure you have appropriate photo permissions as these videos will be shared with the footbag community through the IFPA Youtube Channel. Let us know if you are a primary/elementary school or high school student. Videos can be filmed by school staff or by students themselves. Video entries can be up to 2 minutes long. Upload your video to Youtube and send a link to Open until August 31.