This event is officially sanctioned by the IFPA, and the winner of each event will be the official World Champion for 2020. This event will use the same classic rules for all official competitions, while Shred-Off is a new event that is being held for the first time. Please make sure to read all information on this page carefully, as well as the Video Entries section.

Please refer to the IFC Rule Book for the official tournament rules for Routines and Shred30.

Online Event Rules

  • Each player can only submit one video for each round of any event.
  • Only new footbag videos will be allowed that were made specifically for this competition. To prove this, you need to say or physically show the round’s code (see below) in your video. The code cannot be edited in post-production.
  • See Video Entries page for exact video requirements.


  • All entries will be judged by a panel of 5 experienced judges from different countries.
  • Judging panels will vary in members between rounds and events.
  • Judges cannot talk between them during the judging term.
  • Results for each round will be published within 48 hours of the round’s deadline.
  • All finals will be judged live during the Final Show.

Choreographed Freestyle Routines

This event demonstrates a single player’s ability to perform freestyle footbag in an artistic and technical manner choreographed to music. The competitor attempts to please the viewers with technical execution in concert with the music while impressing judges through presentation, difficulty, variety, and execution. This form of competition also measures a player’s stamina and creativity as they try to go through their whole routine without dropping the footbag once. We offer Intermediate, Women, Open and Doubles divisions.
Detailed rules to be found in the IFC Rule Book.

QUALIFICATION ROUND (only Open & Intermediate category)
: 4th July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)

Deadline: 20th July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Code: “FREESTYLE FOOTBAG”, except for Doubles and Female where the code “FOOTBAG ONLINE” will be valid.


Shred 30 is purely technical. Competitors have to execute as many unique, difficult tricks in a 30 second period as possible. Their score is calculated with a mathematical formula, which takes into account the average difficulty of the run, and penalizes the players for repeated moves. Dropping the bag lowers the player’s score in 2 ways: it lowers their difficulty ratio, and decreases the number of tricks they can fit in 30 seconds. The formula for computing the score is adds + adds × (uniques/contacts). We offer Women and Open divisions. Detailed rules to be found in the IFC Rule Book.

Deadline: 15th July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)

Sick 3

The objective of this event is for players to link three hard tricks together in the most impressive way possible. Players must submit only one combo. Judging is purely subjective. We offer Intermediate, Women and Open divisions.

Deadline: 4th July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)

Deadline: 20th July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)


This year we offer a new exciting event: Shred-Off. Just record your freestyle skills on camera and share it with us. We do not limit your game, it’s pure freestyle, where we are looking for the best difficulty, variety, both-sidedness and strings length. You can edit more than one clip into one video, you must however show or say the round’s code once per session.

Deadline: 26th June 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Length of video: 1.00 min

No player will be disqualified from the previous round. According to the number of players and the ranks from the judges, 8 pools will be created for Open and 4 pools for Intermediate and Female.
Deadline: 3rd July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Code: “OSIS”
Length of video: 1.30 min

TOP 16 (only in Open Category)
First and second ranked from each pool advance to Top 16. Players will face one opponent in a 1vs1 format.
Deadline: 10th July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Length of video: 2.00 min

Players will face one opponent in a 1vs1 format.
Deadline: 17th July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Code Female/Intermediate: “FREESTYLE FOOTBAG”
Code Open: “WHIRL”
Length of video: Open 2.00 min | Female 1.30 min | Intermediate 1.30 min

Group of 4 players for each category. Judged at the moment by a panel of judges during The Final Show.
Deadline: 24th July 2020 at 23.59 PT (GMT -7)
Length of video: Open 2.30 min | Female 2.00 min | Intermediate 2.00 min