Video Entries

Technical Requirements

  • All videos need to be exported in Full HD (1920 x 1080) at high bitrate.
  • All Videos need to be shot in Landscape Orientation.

Visual Requirements

  • The Round’s Code needs to be said aloud or physically shown in the video.
  • The player should be in the center of the shot and entirely visible.
  • Try to make sure the Footbag is visible in your shots, avoid noisy backgrounds.
  • If possible, film with a static camera. Avoid heavy camera movement.
  • Make sure you have good lighting. Broad daylight or powerful artificial lighting work best.
  • Look professional.


  • Videos cannot have slow motion, fast motion, or any editing that alters the actual performance.
  • Submissions for Routines, Shred30 and Sick3 need to be one uncut, continuous take.
  • Submissions for Shred-Off
    • can consist of multiple clips edited into one video, but the player must say or show the round’s code once per recording session.
    • need to have the Official Event Intro Clip at the beginning of the video. Download one of these three, depending on which Codec you prefer:
      AVI / MPEG4 / H.264
    • need to show the name of the player, city and country during 1-2 seconds after the Intro Clip.


  • Submissions for Shred30, Sick3 and Shred-Off can have any or no audio track. Music for Sick3 and Shred30 will be added by the production team in the Final Show.
  • Submissions for Routines need to have the Routine Song clearly audible.

Upload / Transfer


  • Go to:
  • Add your file, enter address
  • Click “transfer”
  • Make sure you get an email with a confirmation code
  • Type code into WeTransfer website and the transfer is complete!


  • Files for Shred-Off need to be uploaded to YouTube as “Public”.
  • Schedule the release of the video on YouTube for the round’s exact deadline.
  • Name your video in YouTube as follows: WFC 2020 – Shred-Off – ‘Round’ – ‘Your Name’
  • Send us the link to your video via email.